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Necropoly: Rules of the Game

I. Necropoly consists of a board divided into 31 squares representing funerary monuments and penalties. Each player places his or her hearse on a single square.

II. The goal of the game is to enter the cemetery as quickly as possible, in order to be the first to reach the luxurious mausoleum of square 31 – which represents the ultimate in social success and guarantees, at least temporarily, against oblivion.

III. The “deceased”– the term does not include any requirements – select a hearse and roll the die. The player with the highest number begins.

IV. The “deceased” who fall on a Penalty square must follow the instructions given. They must skip a turn, retreat the number of squares indicated, etc... Some squares, however, allow for certain personal initiatives to be taken.

V. To win the game and find eternal rest on square 31, the object of all fantasies and desires, the die must provide the exact number required to land on the square. If the number is higher than that required, the “deceased” must retreat the number indicated and wait another turn.

VI. The losing “deceased” are buried under monuments of lesser significance which they find at the end of the game.

Note: Any resemblance to other children’s games – rustic or urbane – would be completely fortuitous, Necropoly originating from terrritories of the beyond.

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