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Two artist’s books were created detailing the adventures (and a nightmare) of André Chabot’s official alter-ego, the infamous Professor Chabotopulous. Hand-crafted and published as limited editions, their existing copies remain on collector’s shelves to this date.

Un cauchemar du Professeur Chabotopoulos (Professor Chabotopoulos’ Nightmare)
Les merveilleuses découvertes du Professeur Chabotopoulos
  (The Marvellous Discoveries of Professeur Chabotopoulos)

Un cauchemar du Professeur Chabotopoulos*
(Professor Chabotopoulos’ Nightmare)

The professeur is having nightmares. Transported into the shadowy regions of death and surrounded by laughing cadavers, he recognises a prophetic portrait of himself among them.

Text and photographs by André Chabot,
Edition ça presse, Paris, 2001

Les merveilleuses découvertes
du Professeur Chabotopoulos*

(The Marvellous Discoveries of Professor Chabotopoulos)

Returning from a top-secret expedition, Professor Chabotopulous presents objects and irrefutable documents to disclose some
of the secrets of the mysterious civilization of Atlantis,
where death was omnipresent.

Text and artwork by André Chabot,
Edition Barde La Lézarde, Paris, 1998

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